Ford & the U.S. Military: A Storied Past

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Ford’s connection with the US military is nothing new. From supplying wartime vehicles to employing disabled veterans, Ford has and continues to show its support for the brave men and women who’ve fought for our freedoms — that is when they’re not manufacturing quality vehicles. So, with Veteran’s Day coming up, we thought we’d take you through a deep dive into Ford’s history with the US military through the years.

Ford has a strong legacy of not only producing military vehicles and equipment but also supporting the military community through various initiatives and programs. This commitment to the armed forces is deeply ingrained in the company’s history and values, and it continues to this day. Not to mention, as a part of the Cavedner Auto Group, at Cavender Grande Ford, we offer various military discounts and incentives to the military personnel and retired veterans of San Antonio through our Cavedner Commitment initiative. (More on that later!).

With Ford Motor Company’s long and storied history of supporting the U.S. military and playing a crucial role in wartime efforts, let’s explore the extent of Ford’s military history:

World War I: During World War I, Ford was instrumental in the war effort by manufacturing various military vehicles and equipment. The company produced ambulances, trucks, and even aircraft engines for the U.S. military. The Model T ambulance, in particular, became an iconic vehicle during the war. In addition, honoring the company’s philosophy of inclusion, Ford made it a point to hire disabled veterans returning from the war and adapt the work environment to their specific needs, helping them get back on their feet and re-integrate with society.

World War II: Ford played a significant role in World War II. The company halted civilian vehicle production to focus on military production. Ford’s Willow Run plant in Michigan, under the leadership of Edsel Ford and Charles Sorensen, became one of the most famous wartime manufacturing facilities. It produced B-24 Liberator bombers at an impressive rate, contributing to the war effort. In addition to aircraft, Ford plants built 277,896 military vehicles, including tanks, armored cars and GPWs (general purpose Willys). when millions of men went off to fight in World War I, an army of housewives, mothers, and daughters answered the call and took over the jobs. These pioneering industrial workers were collectively known as “Rosie the Riveter.” They took over the work that was once reserved for men and laid the groundwork for social change.

Post-WWII Era: After World War II, Ford continued its commitment to the military. It produced military trucks and equipment, and its vehicles were widely used during the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Ford’s M151 MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck) became an iconic military vehicle of this era. Armor plating and engines for a wide range of armored vehicles were produced by Ford in its military production. Among these vehicles were large tanks, such as the 32-ton M-4 and M-10 tank destroyers to the smaller but still ‘Built Ford Tough” Armored Universal Carriers.

Modern Era: In recent decades, Ford has continued to support the military in various ways. The Ford Motor Company Fund, the company’s philanthropic arm, has been involved in several initiatives to assist veterans and military families. Ford has also participated in programs to hire and train veterans, recognizing their valuable skills and experience.

At Cavender, We Support Our Military

With such a strong connection to the US military, it’s only right to keep taking any opportunity to support our troops as much as possible – not just on Veteran’s Day, but every day!

At every Cavender dealership, including Cavender Grande Ford, veterans and active military personnel have access to military discounts and special financing options through our Cavender Commitment initiative. Not only do we make quarterly donations to military efforts, but we also extend military discounts and free oil changes for life to our military community at any of our Cavender Dealerships across South Texas.

To further extend our Cavender Commitment, we also host a quarterly car giveaway to one active-duty military member. To nominate a troop you think is in need of a brand-new car, simply head to the Cavender Auto Group website and complete our nomination form!

To learn more about our Cavender Commitment initiative or our inventory of Ford vehicles, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime at Cavender Grande Ford!

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